PFI Details

Under the Highways Maintenance Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract, Colas Ltd is responsible for rehabilitating and now maintaining the city’s highway infrastructure. You can find out more about Colas’ key responsibilities by going to PFI Services.

The contract offers several advantages to the residents of Portsmouth. First, it made it possible for Colas to carry out a massive regeneration programme during the first 5 years of the contract. Known as the Core Investment Period (CIP) this phase saw Colas carry out 20 to 30 times the volume of work Portsmouth City Council would have been able to carry out before the contract was agreed. This was the first phase of the contract and it finished on time in 2009.

Second, for the remaining 20 years of the contract known as the maintenance period, very specific levels of service are set out for Colas to maintain the Portsmouth highway network. If the condition of the network falls below these specified levels, Colas face significant financial penalties. They must meet rigorous specifications for the day-to-day maintenance, meaning response times to repair defects are now dramatically shorter than they were before the contract started.

Finally, the contract gives Portsmouth City Council a degree of certainty in their annual costs, as they now know exactly how much they will pay for highway maintenance each year. This allows the council to budget more effectively for other expenditure.

For more information on the PFI contract or to report an issue on the network go to our contact us page. Whether you are pleased with what we do or want to highlight a problem, we look forward to hearing from you.